40% of Luxembourg workers would quit their job if it was preventing them from enjoying their life

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Published on 12/01/2023, by Maëlle Pinto

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This figure was revealed in a study called the Workmonitor and conducted by Randstad in early 2022. The survey conducted on 35,000 employees across 34 markets addresses the attitudes and preferences of employees regarding their employers. It provides a comprehensive insight into the current global job market and focuses on several key findings. 


One of the key findings of the study is related to how work aligns with people’s personal lives.

In Luxembourg, only half of the respondents stated that their personal life is more important to them than their work life. According to the study, two significant statistics about job satisfaction are :

  • 16% of the respondents stated that they would prefer to be unemployed than unhappy in their current job.
  • Almost 40% reported that they would leave their job if it was preventing them from enjoying their life.

Another intriguing finding about Luxembourg workers is that while many people claim that salary is not the most crucial aspect in choosing a job: 40% of Luxembourgish employees stated that they would not work at all if money were not a concern. This can be compared to the 48% of global respondents who also stated the same feeling.

There’s a clear power shift under way, as people rethink priorities. Businesses need to rethink their approach to attracting and retaining staff, or face serious competition. — Sander van ‘t Noordende - CEO and Chair of the Executive Board Randstad New York


It is becoming increasingly prevalent for employees to choose an employer that aligns with their personal values. In fact, an impressive 70% of the Luxembourg respondents feel that their employer’s values and purpose align with their own, such as sustainability, diversity or transparency.

It appears that companies being more sustainable, making a positive impact on society and the environment, and promoting diversity and equity are becoming increasingly important to employees. Although these expectations are currently less prevalent in Luxembourg compared to other countries, they are expected to become more significant in the coming years.

Empowerment and flexibility

According to the key findings of this survey, it appears that almost 80% of Luxembourg employees are dedicated to staying with their current employers, while only 15% are actively searching for new job opportunities.

This is likely due to the fact that Luxembourg offers some of the best salaries, training and development opportunities, flexible working hours and locations, as well as other benefits that have a strong impact on the employee’s commitment to their work. Nearly 70% of employees view work as an essential part of their life.

Importance of work/personal life balance

Almost 90% of the employees emphasized the importance of balancing work and personal life.

The survey’s findings indicate that employer’s attitudes, empowerment, and flexibility are significant factors for Luxembourgish employees.

These results are valuable for any company in the country looking to attract new talent or retain their current workforce.

What are your thoughts on these statistics and discoveries? As a company, what steps are you willing to take to retain your talents and attract new ones?

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