The Interview of Virginie Giron: From Slasher to Digital Entrepreneur!

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Published on 23/01/2015, by Oriane MARTIN


After a Master’s degree in e-business at Management School of Strasbourg, I worked for 10 years in Public Administration in Metz. I was responsible for the content of a magazine and a website. Ten years later, I was a Project Manager Print and Web but also Chief Editor for this same magazine. In parallel, I give Web Marketing courses at the University of Lorraine. This year I will teach to Master students Community Management and SEO courses.

Already Slasher before, how did you become a digital entrepreneur?

3 years ago, I decided to quit public administration. I wanted new things in my professional career and go back to my first love: the Web. But in 8 years, even though I was listening to the market, I had a lack of skills. I then decided to create my own digital agency Arkadia Communication. This is an auto enterprise based in Metz. I provide consulting in digital communications (creation and promotion of websites, CM, SEO), and I train collaborators and CEO, as Arkadia is also a training agency. I handled several job positions during 2 years with my job in Public Administration and my missions with Arkadia Communication. I trained a lot and I satisfied my first clients. I created my company as a second activity and I accomplished my first missions and training offers.

What makes you want to change?

I had seen pretty much everything in my missions, so I wanted to explore new things and meet new people. I also wanted to evolve in a moving environment like Digital with passionate people. My decision wasn’t easy. With the risks that it takes, I was very careful and I waited before quitting my job. I did not want to be unemployed during 6 months. The plus? We have many innovative functionalities of social media that our competitors do not have. The few months of activity showed me that I was right, I am confident about this project! This was the best moment of my career.

What are you strengths in the different missions you have to manage?

You can feel very quickly overloaded with all these missions: prepare and entertain courses for adults, correct exams, crate a website and its content, monitor the social media for clients but also mines... In fact, the key for success is to be organised. I think that my strength is to be able to evaluate the time I need to accomplish my tasks so that my planning is respected.

How did you build your portfolio?

I do not think we should not refer this question in the past tense. You build your network every day and it never ends. I meet people during after works, fairs organised in the Great Region. I am also very active on Viadeo and LinkedIn.

The advantages of such a situation?

I like the dynamic in my work. Every day and every mission is different and I meet other professionals.

And 4 years later, what do you do Virginie?

Today, customers ask for more and more advice in communications. I work in partnership with other freelance for redaction services and missions of community management. I am proud and it's a pleasure to make other people work.

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