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Published on 13/05/2024, by Loïc Braun

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If you're feeling overwhelmed by organising your next recruitment fair, is here to help! Discover all our advice on how to best prepare for your next recruitment event. 


The aesthetics of the stand 

The aesthetics of a stand are the first thing that attracts a candidate's attention. It is therefore essential that the decorative elements clearly convey the company's business and values, as well as the profiles sought. This is demonstrated by the attractiveness index created by in 2024, which is based on three criteria, including the aesthetics of the stand. Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of lacking clarity in their visuals, which prevents them from attracting the profiles they are looking for. 

Offering entertainment on your stand can be a good way of attracting candidates, engaging them and, above all, increasing their interest in your stand and your employer brand. 

The Mooviteam's advice: opt for a popcorn or a cotton candy machine - it's a foolproof method that works every time! You can also adapt your entertainment to suit your business sector. For example, as an IT company, you may offer an arcade machine with various games, robots or even prototypes.  

It's also a good idea to set up your stand and display the day before the event to avoid additional stress. 

Remember to bring business cards to hand out on site. This will ease the process of staying in touch with relevant candidates. 


Company representatives  

The choice of people on site is crucial as they embody the company's image. Therefore, be in good shape and avoid any hangover from the night before 😉. Arrive on time, preferably even early, to avoid, once again, any stress and giving a bad image of your company. Representatives must be motivated and adopt a positive and welcoming attitude to show their enthusiasm for recruitment and represent their company to the best of their ability. Remember to have enough staff on hand for an event. Too often, companies don't deploy enough representatives at a job fair, resulting in understaffing. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. 

Draw up a schedule with staff shifts on the stand. Job fairs can be exhausting, and organising shifts can help things run more smoothly. Make sure you never leave your stand empty, especially during the lunch break, so that you don't miss out on relevant candidates who might take advantage of less hectic times to meet you. For example, set up morning and afternoon shifts. This will also ensure that your representatives are in top form and in a good mood during the whole event. 

It's also recommended to have a “free agent”. At busy fairs, such as a Moovijob Day Luxembourg which attracted more than 18,000 visitors in March 2024, it's a good idea to have someone prospecting directly in the queues to save time and spot the most interesting profiles.  

The people representing your company should be informed of the positions to be filled and the profiles sought. Language skills, particularly English, make it easier to engage with candidates. For job fairs targeting young graduates, select representatives who are also young graduate employees or interns within your company. 

When it comes to your outfit, you should go for comfort while retaining a touch of elegance. There's no need to suffer in uncomfortable heels. Instead, choose neat, comfortable clothes, accompanied by good sneakers. 



Paper CVs are still the norm at recruitment fairs. To make sorting and organising easier, we recommend that you prepare piles of CVs divided into categories: top candidates, ‘maybe’ candidates, and those that do not correspond to current needs.  

We recommend that you make notes directly on the CVs during discussions with candidates. This will help you remember the interactions and ensure more accurate follow-up later on.  

Take advantage of the fair to make appointments with the most promising candidates. This prevents a potential candidate from getting lost in the crowd and encourages more personalised interactions. 

These days, many big companies no longer accept paper CVs. Instead, they encourage candidates to apply online via their own website. To simplify access, it's a good idea to display QR codes on your stand that link directly to the recruitment site. You can also offer a dedicated form for the event, providing a convenient solution for real-time applications. It is not recommended to send candidates to the website without first taking the time to get to know them. This could be counter-productive, as candidates are there to meet company representatives and obtain concrete information about the opportunities available. 

The exhibitor form  

Make sure you fill in your exhibitor form in advance. Completing it on time makes it easier to communicate the profiles you're looking for and helps attract relevant candidates.  


A few communication tips  

To ensure good communication at a job fair, think about offering useful goodies that will leave a positive impression. A simple pen can be much appreciated and used after the event, making it an excellent promotional tool. Also make brochures and business cards available to provide concise information about your products and services to visitors.  

In the run-up to the event, don't forget to inform your prospects and customers that you will be attending the fair. This can generate interest and encourage visits. Choose your communication channels wisely to amplify your presence, such as social networks, press releases, etc., in order to attract a large number of visitors. 

You now have all the information you need to ensure that your stand runs smoothly and to optimise recruitment at your next participation in a job fair. Make sure you read the practical emails sent out by the event organisers carefully. These emails contain essential information such as instructions for parking on the day of the event and how the event works.  

Would you like to take part in our next events? Don't hesitate and get in touch with our wonderful team at 💌 

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