Portrait of the month : Emilie, Sourcing & Campus Officer at Moovijob.com : " The human and social side, the cooperation and the team spirit have always attracted me. "

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Published on 30/08/2022, by Florane Giolat

« The portrait of the month »: we know that you like this serie a lot, based on reality and full of life.

Let's continue the presentations of the Moovijob.com team! After the portrait of our lovely colleague Elisabeth, and our crazy (but equally passionate) Sourcing & Campus Manager, Nicolas Nguyen, discover the portrait of Emilie, Sourcing & Campus officer since 2015. She has a bunch of anecdotes to share with you... 👇

Tell us about yourself and your journey before Moovijob.com...

What to say about me without making you too sleepy? 😉 

I was born, raised and have lived in Lorraine for as long as I can remember, this beautiful region that offers us so many pretty things (especially the yellow gold, the mirabelle plum, um the yummy pies). 

You've noticed how much of a foodie I am. 😉

Enough with the jokes, let's get back to the serious business instead. After finishing highschool (with a focus on sport, especially handball) I headed towards social and HR studies. Indeed, the human and social aspect, helping each other out and the team spirit have always attracted me. This course was therefore an obvious choice!

Then came the baccalaureate, the BTS, the bachelor studies; the years went by, everything followed and here I am, with a Master's degree in Human Resources Management.

How did you get to Moovijob.com? 


I heard about Moovijob.com for the first time in September 2014 because the company was organizing, as it does every year, the Unicareers fair, dedicated to students and young graduates. 

Having graduated at that time, it was the perfect timing to attend and see the different opportunities available to me. 

Then, after a year of trying to find myself in terms of career perspectives, I decided to go back to school and started my search for a work-study program as part of my Master's degree. 

It was the IFA (Institut Français des Affaires), my school at the time, that suggested the internship as Sourcing and Campus Officer at Moovijob.com and this is where the Moovijob.com adventure started, in October 2015. 😊

"The human and social aspect, helping each other out and the team spirit have always attracted me."

Two years spent as an intern during which I discovered the job and acquired many varied skills and knowledge. But it didn't stop there, because I decided to continue the adventure as a permanent employee within the awesome Moovi Family. 😊 

On a daily basis, my missions mainly include:

  • The update of our website (management and publication of ads, ...),
  • Event management (invitation, selection of candidates, organization with companies),
  • The relationship and sourcing of candidates (research, invitation, information, ...),
  • Relationship with clients to give them valuable information about the job board and events
  • The relationship with universities to find the future talents of tomorrow!

Tasks and responsibilities that are constantly evolving along with the development of the job board and the company!

Among all this, what is your favorite mission, and why?

It's hard to answer this question, but I would probably say sourcing candidates for events. 

Indeed, during the research and the interaction with the candidates via different channels, bonds are created. 

On the day of the event, it's a real pleasure to meet these people face to face, to speak with them and to get to know their feelings, their potential hires, ... (especially when they tell us that they have landed their dream job thanks to us). That's when I feel useful and become fully aware of my role.

What makes you want to get up in the morning?

Get up in the morning?? I work from my bed (long live remote work 😋). Just a joke, of course 😁

On a more serious note, what makes me want to get up in the morning is the idea of meeting my awesome colleagues, finding out what the day has in store for me and enjoying it to the fullest.

Your best anecdote during a recruitment event? 

If I remember correctly, my favorite anecdote was back in September 2019 at Unicareers. 

Three wonderful candidates offered me a box of chocolate to thank me (my foodie side reappears haha). 

Indeed, they were coming from Brussels and I had enabled them to benefit from the free shuttle bus provided for the event.

This kind of attention makes me very happy and gives even more meaning to my role!

What do you think is the greatest strength of the Moovijob.com team? 

I think the greatest strength of Moovijob.com is the complicity, the unity and the understanding between all of us (it's not for nothing that we call ourselves the Moovi Family)!

A final word? 

Join us if you haven't already: whether you are looking for a job, an internship, a training in Luxembourg, a company looking for its next talents, or just curious to discover us. 😊

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