How to recruit efficiently in 2022?

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Published on 13/01/2022, by Yannick FRANK


To recruit in Luxembourg in 2022 can sometimes seem like a minefield! Penurious profiles, lack of motivation, high demands from candidates (or recruiters!), mismatch between offers and demands...these are some of the reasons that regularly come up and partly explain the complexity for recruiters to find the right person.

However, solutions do exist. You just have to know how to add the right ingredients to your recruitment strategy in order to make your future employees' mouths water.

Your company must be visible...

Of course, this is not a new fact, but recruitment is communication! The health crisis we have been facing for the last 2 years has intensified this point and a company that doesn't show itself is a company that doesn't attract and therefore doesn't recruit or doesn't recruit well.

The concept of employer branding has been around since the late 90's and has become extremely important since our dear covid-19 decided to cohabit with us. Since the first lock-ups, the whole population is more connected than ever before, while information abounds and circulates faster. We sometimes (often) get lost in a massive flow of new information and our feeds sometimes look like a bobsled released at over 200km/h.

In the midst of this storm, the promotion of your brand has become essential; no matter if it is a small company or a large corporation, a company that recruits must show itself.

...while standing out from the crowd!

To show off? Yes, but not just any old way. The challenge is to use the communication channels that are adapted to the profiles your company is looking for.

In this period of ultra-digitalization of everything; the individual is thirsty for proximity, listening, relational... all the things that make us human (that's good, because we are in Human Resources!). Once the right channels have been found (the jobboard can be a good idea 😉 ), you have to start a seduction operation! How would a recruiter in the craft industry (or in IT or in finance or in engineering, or in health, or in construction...well you get the idea) seduce a carpenter (or a full stack developer, or a fund accountant, or a civil engineer, or a nurse, or a mason...) who already has about ten leads? Well, in the same way that a single man will seduce his crush who already has a dozen pretenders!

The recipe (easy to say) is to know how to communicate differently in order to arouse the interest of the potential candidate and then to highlight the many advantages that your company offers (work/life balance, package, work atmosphere, career development opportunities...).

The question is simple: why will this candidate, who has so many options, choose your company and not another one? I am convinced that your company has many advantages, so promote them! Our company pages are there for that. 😊

Your values will then make the difference

Once the potential candidate has been reached and the first exchanges have been conducted, don't think that the hardest part is done. It is often at this point that the hardest part begins. You will have to convince your candidate that his or her choice is the right one. Be reactive (making a candidate wait several weeks will penalize you), listen carefully and show adaptation and flexibility as your exchanges continue.

Nothing is set in stone. The "we've always done it this way" approach must be outlawed and each new exchange must lead to a permanent questioning. Yes, you are in a continuous improvement process: every new recruitment must be considered as a new start.

Then comes the retention of your recruit...but that's another story. 😊

If your company is recruiting and is in line with this article, contact us. The Moovijob team will be happy to support you in these challenges.

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