Face-to-face, e-learning training... Have you ever heard about serious games? 🎮

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Published on 07/12/2021, by Florane Giolat

Face-to-face training, e-learning training, you think you've tried everything when it comes to training.

➡ What about serious games? Have you heard of them? 🎮

These innovative and fun training courses allow you to develop your skills while having fun.

The serious game has a powerful pedagogical engineering that promotes an experiential learning based on the impact of the emotions aroused to better memorize the acquired knowledge.

In the current pandemic context, the serious game is the alternative solution to traditional training.

Indeed, you can train at your own pace, when and where you want, in the language of your choice, while having fun testing new practices to improve your human and relational skills.

Innovative methods that are both fun and practical. 😊

👉 Through the video game, the participant immerses himself in fantastic universes where their avatar will live different situations; challenges that he will have to take up as the game goes on, with levels and scores just like in a classic video game.

👉 The stories take you to the past or the future, to deserted islands, to jungles, to imaginary companies, in short, to completely offbeat universes to confront you with the problems of everyday life, human relationships and corporate life without looking like it. 

While the completion rate for traditional e-learning is 25%, it is 94% via our serious games.

Moreover, 99% of participants feel that they have improved their skills after the games and the recommendation rate is 93%!

Emotional management, assertiveness, feedback, conflict management, non-verbal communication, leadership, negotiation techniques... these are just a few of the topics that will soon be of interest to you!

Offer your employees a catalog of over 70 hours of soft skills training for a period of 1 year!

The list of our learners is growing! Would you like to be one of them?

Watch this short video for an overview: it's over here

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