6 Good Reasons to Work in Luxembourg

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Published on 01/09/2022, by Marion Peter


Moien ! With a constantly growing GDP, Luxembourg offers a high standard of living to its residents. Don't know what it's like to be an expat in the Grand Duchy? Here are 6 good reasons to work there!

1. Everything you need at your fingertips

Even though Luxembourg is surrounded by pastures, hills and vineyards, make no mistake, a vibrant and modern city awaits you! Luxury stores, organic markets, business clubs, business districts, cultural centers, museums, nightclubs for all tastes, shopping malls... Luxembourg by itself is a temple of networking, so buy some more business cards!

The beautiful lower city area called the Grund - where you can run into the Moovijob team on the terrace 😉

2. Close to everything

To keep you busy on the weekends, Luxembourg, the former European Capital of Culture, offers you plenty of opportunities to entertain yourself with its castles, walks along the Moselle river in the Petite Suisse area, international film and jazz festivals or its numerous local events.

Missing "mommy-daddy" ? In 30 minutes, you will be back in France, Belgium or Germany. And for a change, invite your friends to take the TGV train to the banks of the Clausen at 2h15 from Paris or chill out at the Sofitel’s panoramic bar to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Grund!

In addition, since 1 March 2020, all public transport as well as regional trains (second class) are completely free! This facilitates travel within the territory of the Grand Duchy but also allows for large savings.

3. A multicultural capital

As the third European capital, Luxembourg City is a multicultural hub in the center of Europe whose population is growing fast and where there are more than 170 nationalities. Interesting fact is that the capital of the Grand Duchy has only 53% native inhabitants.

As Bertrand, our CEO, would say : "Luxembourg is the great Babel where you can hear all the languages spoken on the terraces in summer!

218,200 cross-border neighbors cross the border every day to work, which is 45% of the active population in Luxembourg. Of these, half are French with 110,200 workers, followed by 51,900 Germans (24%) and finally about 50,200 Belgians (23%). Luxembourg attracts many international groups due to its tax attractiveness and opens its doors to talented people to overcome the lack of skills, especially in Finance, Engineering, Legal and IT.

4. Work more TO earn more

Working in Luxembourg means not only working more with 40 hours a week, but also earning more! With a monthly gross salary of 2,313.38 euros for an unqualified employee and 2,776.05 euros for a qualified person, as well as many attractive packages to retain employees (e.g. company car, additional holidays, PC, laptop, luncheon vouchers, home office and even more), many people are taking the chance and deciding to stay!

Working in Luxembourg also means working for large multinationals such as ING, Good Year, Amazon or Ferrero. If you want to add an international dimension to your CV without moving too far, you will not be disappointed since several languages are required to deal with international customers.

5. First-class infrastructure

The capital of Luxembourg has nothing to envy to its neighbors with its business districts such as the West Side village, the Technoport, or the famous Kirchberg, which gathers the Big Four and other internationally renowned institutions. These are nerve centers from the country’s economy to the state-of-the-art architecture, full of restaurants and shops, all served by public transportation.

Les rives de Clausen

6. A place of Culture

You will never be bored in Luxembourg, there are a wide range of ideas for outings with its exhibitions, festivals, afterworks and parties of all kinds that punctuate life throughout the week. Many concert halls also offer a program at unbeatable prices ranging from international stars to the contemporary stage. You can also discover numerous exhibitions at Mudam and exceptional concerts at the prestigious Philharmonic.

Cultural diversity also means a multitude of cuisines on your plate. For example, in the train station area, there are about fifty different cuisines: Thai, Portuguese, Italian, Indian, Turkish, Iranian... that means that every lunchtime the Moovijob team feasts!

Convinced ? Then check all Luxembourg job offers online on Moovijob!

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