Job advertisements for legal counsel in Luxembourg

This page gathers some job offers as legal counsel, legal advisor, lawyer or other jobs in the Legal business sector in Luxembourg.

Are you looking for a position in the Legal business sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? The legal category offers you a wide range of jobs variety such as lawyer, legal advisor, tax advisor or legal secretary. You can discover the greatest professional and recruitment possibilities as a legal counsel on this page. Let’s go!

As a legal counsel – sometimes known as legal advisor depending on the company’s preferences – you will be able to submit your application to different companies that need you. You will give pieces of advice, guide and inform your different clients about several legal and judicial procedures. As a legal specialist, you will have different types of clients – private individuals, companies, local authorities, and so on. Sometimes, you will have to accompany your client to court in order to settle different disputes or litigation while always keeping your client's interests in mind. Your potential future employer may ask for your help in several assignments – such as drafting documents, preparing different types of contracts or any other assignment letters related to the company’s taxation.

You will need to have several strong and soft skills in order to work as a legal counsel – such as a certain sense of synthesis, reliability and secrecy in addition to a strong knowledge of the law of the country in which you will practice. Speaking and understanding one or even several foreign languages is a considerable asset on the Luxembourg job market – and is required in the large majority of position of responsibility here.

There are many recruiters looking for a new professional and are sending us several job offers. You will thus benefit from the possibility of holding a position within a wide range of companies. As a legal counsel in Luxembourg, you will also be able to find the perfect occupation matching and adapted to your professional experience – junior or senior. We recommend you read each job offer very carefully so that you can adapt your application – cover letter and CV – to make sure that you meet the prerequisites of the position of legal counsel at a specific company.