The thank-you email: the art of taking initiative

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Published on 04/10/2023, by Leïla Kharoubi

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Searching for a job is a lengthy process that can span several weeks or even months. While sending an application typically marks the beginning of the candidate/employer relationship, it doesn't always lead to a response, whether positive or negative. 

But what happens when the response is positive? This often leads to some exchanges that frequently result in a job interview. Whether you feel comfortable or not with this exercise, it is essential to start a new professional journey. 

So, you find yourself in front of your potential future employer. The interview starts, continues, concludes, and… then what? Obviously, you're not the only candidate being interviewed. And even when all signs seem to be green, another profile may better match the company's needs. But sometimes, it all comes down to a few things. Sometimes, it's even the thank-you email sent by the candidate that can make the difference. 

Reaching out before being contacted: good or bad practice? Find the answer in this article! 


What is the thank-you email? 

The thank-you email is sent to your contact person within the company following an interview. It can be addressed directly to the person who conducted the interview or, if you don't have their contact information, to the contact you have within the company. You can also send it to all the other people who were present during the interview, if they played a role in it. 

Of course, the main goal of this email is to express your gratitude to your interviewers for their time and consideration. However, the thank-you email can have other advantages, all in favor of the candidate. 


Asking forgotten questions 

Away from the stress of the interview, it happens that some questions remain unanswered. If you're missing crucial information to evaluate your discussion, don't hesitate to reach out to the company. 

Of course, it's not about overwhelming your contact with a mountain of questions, which could give the impression that you were completely lost during the interview. 

However, returning with one or two questions can show that you are really interested in the company and consider your future within it. 


Making a difference 

We briefly mentioned it earlier: you're certainly not the first candidate to have an interview, and you may not be the last. In this regard, making a difference becomes essential. 

Obviously, most of the work is done during the discussion with the company: the thank-you email probably won't save an interview that went badly. But if your profile matches the job and the feeling with the company is good, this email can help you secure a second interview, or even your dream job! 

The goal is to ensure that your contact person remembers your conversation. Personalize your email by highlighting specific points discussed during the exchange, for example. 


Demonstrating motivation 

During an interview, it is crucial to demonstrate motivation. But sometimes, candidates may appear more interested in the company during the interview than they actually are, and the company knows it. But not you: you, you really want this job. 

In this case, a brief message to highlight the sincerity of your approach and your real interest in the company can make a difference and position you at the top of the list! 


When should you send the thank-you email? 

Unlike a follow-up email, which is sent several days after an interview, the thank-you email is more spontaneous. 

You don't need to send it immediately after the interview; wait a few hours or even until the next morning. This shows that you took the time to think about the discussion! 


What to do in case of no response? 

If you didn’t receive a response, don't panic. Companies are often busy during the recruitment period. You will usually get a response, whether it's positive or negative! 

After a few days without news, it's acceptable to send a follow-up to ask about the status of your application. 


The job interview is a crucial step in the job search process, and the thank-you email can be a powerful tool to demonstrate your interest in a company and leave a lasting impression. So, during your next interview, don't forget to send that little email; it could make all the difference and help you land your dream job! Ready to apply?  


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