Moovijob Night Luxembourg: Come and have a drink with your future IT and Finance collaborators!

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Published on 15/04/2022, by Florane Giolat

The big Job & Networking evening in Luxembourg is back on May 31, 2022 at the Neumünster Abbey. Discover all information about this exceptional event in this article. 👇

After the 12th edition of Moovijob Day Luxembourg in face-to-face format on March 25, bringing together nearly 140 companies and 12,000 visitors, it is now time for the Moovijob Night to come back on May 31, after 2 years of virtual organization. 

This first success of the year reminded participants of the importance of reconnecting with fundamental values: face-to-face meetings and Human being, especially in a job market that is both ultra-digitized and saturated by too much information. 

The shortage of qualified talent, still at the heart of the problems faced by Luxembourg companies

According to the latest Adem report published in February, the number of job offers published between 2021 and 2022 has increased by almost 50%! Among the 10 jobs most frequently sought by employers at the beginning of the year, 6 are in the IT and Finance sectors

What does this mean? The shortage of talent in the country is more than ever at the center of companies' concerns and is becoming a major issue for the attractiveness of Luxembourg in the short term. 

Would you like to meet your future collaborators over a drink, a burger or a foosball game? 🍔

This relaxed afterwork organized in a spectacular venue and in an atmosphere that is both casual and informal, aims to offer an original solution to talents who are already employed or open to new professional opportunities and allow them to discover companies or jobs they might not have considered yet.

In addition to the various activities, drinks, snacks and foodtrucks offered during the evening, this event will also be an opportunity to exchange in a friendly atmosphere with hundreds of qualified IT and Finance profiles, specially invited for you by a Sourcing & Communication team that will ensure the compatibility between the participants present and your recruitment needs. 

By carefully selecting the number of participants according to their profile, and by fixing a limit of 40 attending companies, we significantly facilitate interactions between recruiters and visitors by making exchanges more fluid and less formal. 

Since 2012, about 100 recruitments are made each year thanks to this event, allowing an excellent return on investment. 

You want to know more, or book your participation as a company?

Then contact our team on or +352 24 87 37 80 

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