In which language should you write your resume?

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Published on 02/03/2019, by Oriane MARTIN


Soon, you will apply for a job in a multicultural environment and you don't know in which language you have to write your CV? Here are a few tips to help you choosing the best language for your resume!

In this article, we will take the example of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg because there are up to three official languages there: French, German and Luxembourgish, but you will hear a lot of people speaking English too! Not easy to adapt a CV in four languages! Let us show you the sure signs that don't lie...

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1. Obtain information about the company

First, you should go on the company website to find out which is the official language on the homepage. Most of the time English is used, but very often international companies suggest a corporate website in several languages. Have fun with all the flags and filters to discover the several stakeholders’ languages! This will help you to map/understand the international environment of the company and the language skills its employees might have to have.

You will also learn a lot about the company if you check the company's history. For example, at Ferrero Luxembourg, the historic language is Italian. Thus, speaking Italian is considered as a plus because you are able to exchange with the headquarters of the company in Italy. Even if Italian is considered as an asset, other languages — like English, and/or French, German, or Luxembourgish — are also prerequisites. In fine, you can address your resume for Ferrero Luxembourg in English because it is an international company! :)

2. Consult the company's vacancies

On the career page, again, you will be able to identify the common languages spoken by most of the employees, which recruiters might be expecting you to speak. In fact, you will have to consult the job offers in detail on the profile section/and pay particular attention to the profile section. Recruiters often specify the language skills needed.

Let's take for example this job offer of ARHS Group. English is mandatory and French complementary. As we have also noticed that this job offer is in English, we advise you to send a CV in English to show the recruiters that you meet the language skills expected, especially if you are a native French speaker! :)


3. Read the full content of the job advertising

Believe it or not, some candidates apply and forget to read the full job offer before applying and this is what can make the difference!

For certain positions, you might be expected to work in specific geographic areas abroad. In this case, having some knowledge of the foreign language spoken in the country are indispensable. Read carefully the "Mission part" AND the "Profile part" of a job ad.

Let’s take for example a Sales Representative position for a portfolio of German customers on the Italian market. Mastering/Speaking two languages is a plus and being aware of putting forward these two competencies in your CV, even more! In this case, we advise you to choose a CV in German/Italian and to specify clearly the level you have for both of these languages.

The Moovijob team wishes you all the best for the translation of your resumes. Don't forget to consult our website to discover many job offers in Luxembourg!

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