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Published on 05/11/2018, by Florane Giolat


Nowadays, whether you want to start a career in IT or initiate a couple of side-projects on your own, it has become mandatory to learn coding to succeed. Moreover, being capable to speak the technology language with investors, partners or potential employees could work in your favor.

However, before diving in, let’s go through some definitions. Indeed, before tackling a new language, you should be aware of the difference between Front-end and Back-end programming languages. For instance, if you aim to work as an UX/UI Designer, you should learn Front-End codes like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you rather go deeper and be able to code an entire website, then you should focus your effort on learning Back-end programs such as PHP or Ruby.

Learn coding with Lifelong Learning:

Now that the we made that clear, you are probably wondering where you could learn coding? Well, if you are in Luxembourg, you should check LifeLong Learning. This Luxembourgish portal is dedicated to education and offers a complete panel of quality training. Whether you are an inspiring coder or an experienced Developer, you could be sure you will find the courses that will help you achieve your goals. Besides, if you follow this LifeLong Learning link, you get to choose between more than 200 classes to learn programming languages in Luxembourg: Java, C, HTML, JavaScript, Angular… just name it and go learn it!

You are not living in Luxembourg and/or have a hectic lifestyle that does not allow you to attend a physical course? Well, no more excuses! Did you know that some of the best Programmers in the world are self-taught? Here is a list of 5 free websites where you can learn the craft:


If you want to learn in an interactive way and get your hands dirty since the first lesson by working on assigned projects, you should definitely check Codecademy. It also has forums for discussion and blog posts to help you progressing in programming. This online learning platform is perfect for you if you want to master: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP et Python.


Treehouse is the perfect resource for newbies that would like to learn coding for a specific project. The 300 on-demand courses were created by experts and will help you achieve specific goals such as creating an app, a responsive website or a WordPress theme. It can also help you if you are familiar with programming when working on a specific task.


EdX is an open-source platform where you will find a wide range of software development courses from top institutions like Harvard, MIT and Microsoft. The online classes cover topics like programming, web design and software engineering. If you want to take your learning journey to the next level, know that it is possible to pursue “MicroMasters” programs and even have a verified certificate when completing the courses. However, while the courses themselves are free, you must pay for your EdX certificate.

The Odin Project

If as an aspiring coder you are looking for a clear and complete learning path for web development, then you should absolutely check The Odin Project. Supported by an open-source community that curates online tutorial, blogs and courses, this website will help you acquire skills to become a polyvalent Web Developer. As you navigate the courses, you will learn: Introduction to Web Development, Web Development 101, Ruby Programming, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript. You will even find tips to help you get hired at the end of the path.


For those who learn best in a lecture style, Coursera provides coding-based resources taught by top-notch instructors from world’s leading universities. That means that you will find hundreds of different courses, from the best academic resources, for free. You can even receive a certification, but unlike the courses, you will have to pay for it. On Coursera you can learn: Java, C, Python, HTML, CSS and many other programming languages.

Do not hesitate to check Lifelong Training classes: they do have a complete panel of specialized courses for every need.

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In the meantime, you can also click here to see the latest ICT job offers in Luxembourg.

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