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Published on 14/04/2023, by Florane Giolat


In this post-pandemic period, and in the midst of the "Big Quit" phenomenon, companies are struggling to attract the best talent, but also to keep their troops motivated. However, it is the champions of the employee experience who will win the war for talent.

In this context, Supermiro Le Club comes to the rescue to take care of employees and above all, to make life easier for team leaders to organise their team moments, help them to recreate the link with their teams and work on the connection between employees.


The purpose of Supermiro Le Club is to help team builders - that is to say team leaders within companies, managers, HR, Marketing/Event - to recreate the link with their teams and to work on the connection between employees.

Yes, but how?


With very simple things, to make them smile again:

  • celebrate the signing of a big project as a team, have a lunch with colleagues with the chef of the restaurant who will come out of his kitchen and talk to them,
  • bring breakfasts to the office and create a meeting,
  • do real team building in the more traditional sense of the word, but without having to contact 50 agencies to find THE activity that will make everyone happy,
  • find original gift ideas for Christmas, or to reward a special performance, even when it's your 10th year and you're starting to go in circles,
  • it is also to provide our customers with creative ideas that do not necessarily cost money, depending on the calendar, such as a galette des rois battle or a local and family egg hunt to take home and do with family,
  • or by launching a charity challenge at all levels of the hierarchy to create links and do some good.


These small but simple actions are often put aside for lack of inspiration or time.


The good news? This mission can be delegated to Supermiro Le Club, the Chief Happiness Officer who helps employees disconnect to better reconnect.


Our secret?


  • First, it is to make life easier for managers thanks to a catalogue full of ideas and formats to suit all tastes. Giving power back to managers means allowing them to organise team moments that are meaningful to them. For some, it will be a hike to discover the beauty of Luxembourg's Little Switzerland, a chic picnic in the countryside, and ending up competing around challenges in nature. For others, it will be giving their time to a local charity.
  • It also means providing a dedicated person in-house, a single point of contact who responds to each of their requests and helps them to carry out their project from A to Z, with a minimum of time and effort to devote to it.
  • It is to offer managers a tool to manage their team building budget independently, while keeping costs under control. A virtual wallet from which they can deduct money to validate their team moments without having to advance costs or go through numerous internal revalidation processes.


Team spirit, one of the keys to success

Supermiro Le Club took advantage of Moovijob Day Luxembourg 2023 to ask candidates and HR decision-makers what they value most in a company. A good team spirit is undoubtedly one of the pillars of a successful employee experience.


To benefit from our expertise as a team cohesion specialist, or for more information, do not hesitate to contact us at or make an appointment with eLfy or with Mathilde for an express call.

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