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Published on 01/06/2023, by Maëlle Pinto


Tell us about Netcompany-Intrasoft

Netcompany-Intrasoft is a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group with strong international presence and expertise, offering innovative and added-value solutions of the highest quality to a wide range of international and national public and private organizations.

Netcompany-Intrasoft (known as INTRASOFT International) was founded in 1996. As of November 2021, it became a member of the Netcompany Group, a Denmark located IT company founded in 2000. Netcompany is the fastest growing and most successful IT services company in the Nordics, owning vast technology experience and deep industry-specific knowledge, creating innovative solutions tailored to meet business goals.

Netcompany-Intrasoft employs more than 3,200 highly skilled professionals, representing over 50 different nationalities and mastering more than 30 languages. With headquarters in Luxembourg, Netcompany-Intrasoft operates through its operational branches, subsidiaries and offices in 10 countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Jordan, Luxembourg, Romania, RSA, UAE and USA.

More than 500 organizations in over 70 countries worldwide (Institutions and Agencies of the European Union, National Government Organizations, Public Agencies, Financial Institutions, Telecommunication Organizations, and Private Enterprises) have chosen the company's services and solutions to fulfill their business needs.

Netcompany-Intrasoft’s expertise and strength lie in its proven capacity and successful track record in undertaking and delivering, complex, mission - critical projects. Netcompany-Intrasoft’s professionals (#IntrasoftPeople) have developed the ability to combine their technical expertise with thorough understanding of each customer’s individual business needs. The company consists of a highly skilled, efficient and flexible human resources base, with an international culture.

What are the main advantages that Netcompany-Intrasoft offers to its employees?

Our people are our driving force and our main priority. Our reward packages mirror our aspiration to attract, motivate and retain top talent. We offer an inclusive workplace culture, where all employees embrace our differences in experience, background and way of thinking, a work culture of wellness and well-being, respecting and maintaining a work-life balance, competitive compensation packages including a variety of benefits, a hybrid work model, and multiple development opportunities for all.

Due to the rapid developments in the IT industry, our employees are continuously trained in new technologies and methodologies, so that they can build skills that will prepare them for future technological challenges. The methods we use for fast adaptation to rapid-changing technologies include constant observation of all IT areas relevant to the services we provide and learning initiatives. We constantly observe and adapt modern technologies and utilize the most modern methods for continuous learning, such as micro-learning and blended learning. From the very first day in the Company, each employee is introduced to an interactive onboarding training. Our employees are able to attend learning initiatives, online sessions, workshops, instructor-led trainings, and in-house academies. Moreover, our people have full access to 5.000+ online courses accessible through Udemy for Business platform.

Also, we embrace the Agile model of doing business, scaling up Agile in our organization across Delivery Groups, Product lines, and Supporting services/functions. Due to the company's Agile@scale transformation, we have created in-house academies and employees get the chance to participate in the “We Lead” Academy, the “Weknow how” Academy and the “Agile Academy”.

Moreover, employee well-being is very important to us. We promote a work culture of wellness by adopting a holistic approach to improve the overall well-being of our people, respecting and maintaining a work-life balance. This includes wellness sport events and our own sports’ teams, presentations on well-being, office ergonomic and mental health sessions like yoga/pilates sessions, chair massage at the office, and many more!

Finally, we are an integral part of the societies we operate in, at a global scale. Our mission is to build sustainable societies through digitization, through our extended Sustainability portfolio. Our main sustainability pillars are; Youth, Women in IT and the Environment. Our people are the driving force behind our CSR activities, either by spreading their knowledge (webinars and workshops to students) or by participating in volunteering environmental activities (e.g., tree planting, beach cleaning). 

If you are interested in starting your journey in the Netcompany-Intrasoft family, you may visit the relevant section in our website and learn more about what we offer.


Which skills and/or positions are you currently recruiting?

The new era of the Company through the acquisition by Netcompany S/A, the largest IT company in Denmark and one of the largest in Europe, led us to a new growth path. Recently, we announced 320 new job openings in Luxembourg, Belgium and Greece. Our current job openings vary through a variety of specialties (software engineers, IT consultants, systems/operation engineers, project managers, business analysts, communications professionals etc. to name but a few), and are live on our corporate website and LinkedIn page.

In more detail, below you can find the 3 major categories of job opportunities depending on the seniority and experience level:

  • Internship programs offer to university students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain work experience, next to our top professionals in the IT field
  • Early Careers positions for graduates or individuals in their first professional steps (with 2-3 years of work experience), offering them the opportunity to be trained in the leading technologies and methodologies
  • Experienced Professionals positions for individuals with significant work experience who want to use their experience to work on challenging projects in a global scale

You may find all our job opportunities on Moovijob and here.


What are the specificities of your recruitment process?

We are looking for colleagues who are engaged with our vision of creating value to people and the society. Identifying the resumes that best fit our needs is the first and very crucial step in the recruitment process. A resume is the key point for a candidate to present themselves to us and best showcase their experience and ambitions.

After evaluating a CV as a proper fit for the needs of a specific position, a colleague from the recruitment team schedules the interview. During the initial screening, we must pay full attention to details and evaluate whether the interviewed people match our culture and overall values system. If the personality matches, then we need to allocate the people with the job opening that best reflects ours and their common goals, so that we can help them skyrocket their career towards the path that best fits their vision.

The hard part is over; once we reach an agreement, the next steps of the process are very fast and easy until the final offer. We pay extra attention to each candidate’s character and personality characteristics; after all, we hire the character, and we can always train and upgrade the skills.

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