Job advertisements for project coordinator in Luxembourg

Discover now the job of Project coordinator: an important player in every project. Job offers are currently available in Luxembourg. Check them out!

The job of Project coordinator was first specific to the Building industry / Public Works / Construction business sector. You can work today in several other business sectors – such as IT & Consulting in Luxembourg. As its name indicates, a Project Coordinator is an important player in every project of a company. As a Project Coordinator, you may intervene in one or every part of a project depending on your professional experience and the size of the company.
The job of Project coordinator – or called Business Analyst in some cases – consists in collecting and expressing the user's needs in the first place. As a Project Coordinator, you will then study and validate the feasibility of the project – by drawing up the specifications of the chosen working solution. You will afterwards establish the suitability between the developed product – application, redesign, and so on – and the need expressed by the building owner. As a Project coordinator, you will finally lead the project in order to meet the different commitments in terms of deadlines, costs and quality. To do so you will organize meetings in the presence of the building owner and the prime contractor.

As a Project Coordinator, you will work mainly in digital service companies – called ESN in French, and formerly computer engineering services company called SSII in French – or in large companies. There are many employers in Luxembourg – namely Arhs Group, CTG Luxembourg, InTech, Sogeti, ITS4U as service companies, and Victor Buck Services,, Post Luxembourg, for final businesses. This has been a popular job in the recent years, with frequent recruitments and varied projects.

You must have a Master's degree in IT to get a job as a Project Coordinator. A Project Management Assistant can move on to positions of Project Manager, Project Engineer, Systems Analyst, Project Director, Urban Planner or even Business Consultant after several years of professional experience.
We recommend you make sure your application is as well detailed as specifications. This will prove your knowledge and know-how to the recruiters. All you have to do is submit your application to several job offers available on our Moovijob website!