My Life in Luxembourg: a French IT CEO's point of view


Published on 16/01/2018, by Oriane MARTIN

You may not know, but Luxembourg is a hyper multicultural country located in the middle of Europe. To make you discover its labor market and the diversity of people who live and work there, we decided to interview each month someone about his/her life in Luxembourg! For this second episode, Jordan, a 29 year-old French Developer who launched his company in IT two years ago, accepted to share with us his 4 years of experience in Luxembourg.

Jordan graduated from a Licence in IT in Metz, a sector that recruits a lot in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, after applying on a jobboard, he got his first interview but it didn't go as expected. Another candidate got the job, thanks to some string-pulling, so Jordan found another opportunity in France. After a while, recruiters realised that the person hired won't fill the bill. They contacted back Jordan who finally accepted the offer and joined the Grand-Duchy in July 2014. After several missions for different companies, he decided to create his own company with friends and is now officially at the head of an IT Consulting firm.

After four years of working experience, we asked him what were the 3 things he liked the most in Luxembourg regarding the working environment. As an employer, he told us about the low cost of employer's social security contributions that enables to hire more people and the reduction of administrative burden compared to France. For him, the IT activity is also more important in Luxembourg than in Metz, this is why he chose to move closer to Luxembourg, at the border.

When asked about what he doesn’t like at work, Jordan makes a joke: "My boss!" Of course he is his own boss now. It is a sure sign that he enjoys working in the IT ecosystem in Luxembourg "where everyone knows everyone", he says.

We also wanted to obtain his view concerning Luxembourg in general. There is one thing he regrets about Luxembourg: traffic jam. However, he raised our attention on the cosmopolitan aspect of this little country, where you can go for shopping and where the life can be very sweet and quite.

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