How to find a job in Luxembourg without applying

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Published on 21/04/2022, by Elisabeth Lerche

Are you looking for your new dream job? Then you are probably looking for specific job ads and applying to them. This is the right way to start, but you should also look for alternatives, because the more options you use, the higher are the chances that you will find the right job.

We recommend an alternative that is both simple and timesaving: the CV database!

Instead of contacting recruiters, they will find and approach you. Read this article to discover our tips and find out how you can easily find your next job in Luxembourg without having to apply


How do CV databases work?

As a jobseeker, you can create a candidate profile by uploading your CV and providing detailed information about your profile and your job search or about your current position if you are not actively looking for a job.

Recruiters can search for suitable candidates by using keywords and filters and then contact them directly.

You can then decide whether you like the job or not and would like to be invited for an interview.


Who can use CV databases?

CV databases are a great way to improve your job search in Luxembourg, whatever your profession is. So, no matter if you are a waiter or a sales specialist, a nurse, an accountant, or an IT developer, we recommend you to seize the opportunity and to create a profile. Actually, recruiters are more and more looking for all kinds of profiles, especially since the Covid 19 crisis. 


Advantages of CV databases

Here we show you the many advantages that CV databases have for jobseekers:

  • Time saving: you save time in your job search because you don't have to look yourself for job offers
  • Less effort: you don't have to write an elaborate application
  • New jobs: chances are high that you will be offered jobs you haven't even thought of yet
  • New companies: you will certainly be contacted by companies you didn't know about
  • Market value: you can test your own market value
  • Free of charge: registering and using CV databases is free of charge for jobseekers
  • Anonymity: You have the option of specifying certain companies, such as your current employer, so that your profile is invisible to them


Tips - How to be found by recruiters

You should make sure you have a meaningful profile, so that employers find you. We show you what you should do:

1. Use keywords

As recruiters search for applicants using keywords, you should make sure that you use terms and synonyms relevant to your profession. Find out about common and frequently used terms from job advertisements.

Uploading your CV in your native language and in English in one PDF document will also increase your chances of being found by recruiters since the keywords will appear in both languages.

2. Choose a relevant title

Some recruiters look for applicants based on the title. Therefore, make sure you choose a particularly relevant title and include all important job titles.

3. Fill in your profile

Fill in your profile as completely as possible, since the more fields you complete, the more often your profile will be displayed on recruiters' results. In addition, this will increase the numbers of suitable job offers that you will get.

4. Indicate relevant experience and qualifications

Mention only your work experience and qualifications related to the profession you currently pursue. Otherwise, you might get job offers that do not match your profile.

5. Update your profile

Update your profile and CV regularly to show recruiters that you are interested in current vacancies. Some recruiters even specifically look for candidates who have recently updated their profile.


Now it's time to prepare!

Why don't you give it a try and create a profile on:

Attention: don't forget to tick the box when you register (or later in your profile) so that your profile is visible in the CV database.

Your profile is created on AND you have followed all our tips? Then all you have to do is wait - the Luxembourg recruiters might contact you soon!

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