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Published on 29/03/2022, by Florane Giolat


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, teleworking is “the activity of working at home, communicating with your office by phone or email, or using the internet”. Have you ever dreamed to work from home lying in your bed and in your pajamas and slippers? Well, me too… In recent years, this working technique is spreading across countries.

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 disease spreading, many of us must work from home now. But there are also several permanent teleworkers: a freelance translator, writer or graphic designer for example. So, if you’re a student who want to become freelance, if you’re pregnant and must work from home or if for any other reason you’re stuck at home and need to have your work done, here are some tips you need to maximize your teleworking situation!

1. Take a shower and get dressed every day as if you’re going to an actual office. It can help you to differentiate the time you’re in your pajamas browsing the Internet to the time you’re doing the same but for your job.

2. Create your professional space by converting a room into a comfortable office. Then, you’ll have a “home office” and it’ll be a special room separate from the others of the house that are dedicated to family and social life.

3. Force yourself to respect working hours. For example, specify your hours of operation to your clients. You need to have time for yourself — prioritize your rest periods on weekends and evenings if possible.

4. Manage your workload by creating a schedule for the day or the week and make sure to respect it. By the end of the day you need to accomplish every task you have on your to-do list, so you’ll feel productive and your work won’t impinge on your personal life.

5. Take frequent breaks. You can even get some fresh air, walk a little or stand up and stretch. With moving from your chair, you’ll help blood to keep moving to all your limbs and to clear your mind. You’ll also grow in concentration, energy and perspicuity.

6. Talk with your colleagues, boss or other teleworkers several times a day. It’s important to be in touch with people, so you better talk to them thanks to Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp because it allows you to call, write or video call.

7. Pretend you’re not home. When you’re working forget you’re actually at home. Do not think about the laundry you should wash, the dishes left to do or the gift you’ll need to find for your mother-in-law’s birthday.

8. Stay away from your kitchen. Knowing you have a lot of cakes, chocolate, chips and all kinds of unhealthy food within easy reach can be very tempting, but you need to resist! Instead, you can prepare some healthy snacks a or chose a piece of fruit, your body and your mind will thank you.

9. Avoid distractions. We know, having your phone — with the funniest fall videos or a Facebook notification that pops up — at hand is one of the biggest distractions nowadays. Try to keep this fun time to your breaks. And also, don’t let your friends stop by just because “It’s okay, you’re working from home, you don’t have a schedule to respect”. 🙄

10. Last but not least… Adopt a buddy! A dog, a cat, a fish, a rabbit, a turtle… Having one little friend with you every day is a major step in this whole teleworking maximizing process. The support of these faithful friends will help you to keep smiling at work.

Do you have any other tip to maximize the teleworking? Comment and share with us your secrets! We hope this article will help you. 

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