Job advertisements for trainer in Luxembourg

Do you want a Freelance / Franchise contract as a trainer in Luxembourg? Here are the job offers available in the Education / Training sector.

We have gathered for you different job offers for the trainer occupation in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on this page. Discover them now and submit your application when you are interested in an offer!

As a trainer, your main assignments will be to define the pedagogical content of a training course as well as evaluate the different results. Your job will allow you to discover diverse and varied audience and work environments. You will work with a group of working adults or job seekers most of the time. You will provide training courses Luxembourg that can be part individual or collective, just like a teacher. You may thus have to prepare training courses according to your specialties and skills – such as first-aid training, refresher courses in IT, courses to acquire a new skill, and so on.

Many people are constantly looking for new skills to acquire or develop in order to add them to their CV. Your job as a trainer is thus fundamental. The recruitment market is therefore quite important in Luxembourg. The job designation can vary from trainer to animator or instructor depending on the employers’ preferences. Several skills are required to carry out the job of trainer – such as pedagogy, communication skills and autonomy. Some recruiters may ask you to have different diplomas such as an HND or equivalent, Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree depending on the occupations offered and the company needs.

We also recommend you read each job advertisement very carefully and adapt your application – cover letter and CV – to the prerequisites for the job you are applying for. Try to best suit the recruiter and company’s needs.

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