Job advertisements for refrigeration engineer/technician in Luxembourg

Are you looking for a job as a refrigeration technician? Luxemburgish recruiters are offering several open vacancies on

First and foremost, The refrigeration technician or engineer is an expert in cold systems, whereas air conditioning or refrigeration systems, such as cold rooms or heat pumps...When it comes to cold systems, there are two types of fields where they can be applied: commercial or industrial. In the first part, the technician deals with food refrigeration or cold chain in professional kitchens. In the second part the engineer intervenes within agri-food industry, but not only).

Depending on the job offers, he/she may work further up the cold chain, by drawing and designing cold systems. In so, you are working as a HVAC engineer or draughtsman or HVAC designer. By browsing job ads through Moovijob, you will mainly find offers for technicians, with skills in installing, and repairing cold systems. Your job can also be labelled as maintenance technician, or mechanical engineer.

How to Become a Refrigeration Technician? You must have a good feeling for manual work. You are not obliged to possess a Tech level and technical certificate related to refrigeration may be a good start. For jobs including climate and energy systems recruiters may require having a tech level.
Where to drop your application? You can either resort to temp agencies, that are often specialised and providing many jobs for their client; or directly submit your file to big construction groups or in companies in energy/ environment.

How to make the difference among other candidates? In addition to your skills in refrigeration and air conditioning, if you have experiences working as an electrician, you will increase your chance of securing a job position. Finally, do not forget to update specific certifications and authorizations.