Job advertisements for estimator in Luxembourg

Are you a surveyor or Quantity surveyor in the construction area? Check all our job offers of Estimator in the Consulting sector in Luxembourg.

As the Public Works and Construction business sector is booming in Luxembourg, many companies are recruiting estimators. When an employer is looking for a candidate, he/she is looking for someone who can handle a project from start to finish. Recruiting such a profile requires a special attention on the communication skills. An estimator will indeed be in contact with the architects in charge of the project simulation, the suppliers to negotiate prices, the customers, and the other workers. Recruiters are also asking for strong technical skills.
The Luxembourg’s job offers show that an estimator must be able to conduct a comprehensive study of a project – it involves to know the project’s dimension, calculate the materials and labor costs, and design a draw up a detailed estimate. It is a job that requires a daily custom work.

You can work as an estimator thanks to several diplomas. Obviously, if recruiters have significant projects, they will require a high educational level – as you can see in the different job offers available in Luxembourg. If you want to submit your application for a position in a small company of the finishing sector, you will need a Tech-Level specialized in the building economics.
On the contrary, if you want to work for a company specialized in significant projects, you will need a Civil engineering diploma. Technical and economic knowledge are thus crucial to this type of projects.

After a few years of professional experience, a Quantity surveyor can become a Senior Quantity surveyor, for instance. If you are very efficient in this position, you may become a Construction Manager and be the link between your company’s management and the construction sites. In this case, you will be in charge of ensuring the proper performance of the work and controlling the costs.

Are you interested in the job of estimator? Do not hesitate to check the different job offers available on this page and submit your application. Good luck with your job search!