Job advertisements for developer in Luxembourg

If you are looking for a job as a developer, you will find here many job offers to be filled within Luxembourg companies and IT services companies.

Informatics is offering plenty of open vacancies, especially in program development. There are many job ads for programmers, but they all differ with their requirements, in terms of technical environments, fields of application and languages. Employers are mainly looking for 2 types of programmers: web developers and software developers. Depending on the company and the missions you are working on, you will be asked to master different technologies/languages such as PHP, C, Python or even Java and .NET. Today, .NET developers (Microsoft) and Java developers, and full stack profiles are strongly wanted by IT services companies in Luxembourg.

Even though job ads are different, recruiters might agree on a common base. Indeed, if you want to make the difference, you are expected to master project development methodologies such as Agile and Scrum.

Regarding the applications, recruiters are quite flexible when it comes to the education history. The experience usually prevails upon degrees. In the contrary, for junior jobs, employers require to have at least a two-year technical degree (or equivalent). If you hold a master's degree or an engineer's degree, you may increase your chance of finding a job. This also enables you to apply for a wide range of other roles. Please note that many job offers are available in remote (home office). With the evolution of internet and the information system infrastructure, came along an increasing need of IT developers, especially in Luxembourg.

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