Job advertisements for java developer in Luxembourg

You are a java developer looking for new projects? Join your next developer community in Luxembourg by consulting the numerous job opportunities.

Developers are very required in Luxembourg. Projects are numerous but the sector is lacking highly skilled profiles. Therefore, recruiters have turned their sights to the Eastern European countries, known for the excellence of their undergraduate studies in computer science.
For the most part, the employers are ICT companies, each offering a business knowledge. The list of hiring firms is diverse and various: from the need to develop financial applications for the banking industry, to create and maintain web-based applications for the European institutions, to develop new solutions for the entertainment companies. IT jobs are abundant.

As a java developer, you will be in charge of developing software or applications using Java. You are writing clean code, following the specifications. Your work is including an analysis, and test phase, before releasing the project.

More and more IT trainings see the day of light, preparing junior profiles to fill seats. To become a developer, you are required to have at least a two-year technical degree. However, an engineer's degree is highly appreciated, since it launches students into the job market, and it makes them rapidly operational.
According to the job offers on Moovijob, you will be asked to work on different frameworks, namely Java J2EE/JEE. Moreover, the Spring and Angular frameworks are also well represented for developing web applications. If you want to stand out from the crowd, do not hesitate to detail the technical environments and technologies you master in your application file (month of use).

Finally, you might find other names for the the job as Java developer such as: consultant, programmer, software developer. If you hold a significant experience, you can also apply for the role as project manager, or team leader.