Job advertisements for credit analyst in Luxembourg

Specialised in risk management and more specifically in credit risk? This page gathers offers that might interest you.

The position of credit analyst is part of the finance and risk professions and is very well represented in Luxembourg. On Moovijob, job advertisements may appear under the term credit analyst, or credit risk officer, or credit risk analyst, or risk manager, or credit manager.

Working as a credit analyst means analysing a company's financial situation in the context of a financing file, particularly a loan file. The professional evaluates the client's repayment guarantees and sets the commercial terms and conditions, i.e. the amount, the loan term, the amount of rent, the interest rate, etc. The purpose of his job is to assess the risk that the employer, a bank or a credit company, incurs in granting the loan.
The credit analyst in Luxembourg is first and foremost a financial analyst, the analyst analyses a borrower's repayment capacity through an in-depth study of its financial statements, solvency, points out the strengths and weaknesses and ensures that the operation remains profitable for the employer-company. In short, the credit analyst determines the good and bad payers through a scoring system (credit rating).

If you have had significant experience in a rating agency, recruitment interviews will be a formality for you. At the same time, recruiters are particularly attentive to candidates with skills in statistical analysis and probability calculations. When consulting the job opportunities on the Moovijob website, you will note that the jobs to be filled in Luxembourg are accessible with at least 2 years of experience. BIL, ING, Credit Suisse are examples of banks that currently offer career opportunities in this field.

Finally, if you have several years of professional experience, we invite you to apply for management positions or to specialise in other types of risk. You may also find work in the middle and back office, find your next challenge in the field of audit and compliance. If you are an active listener, or looking for a job, don't take any risks, apply now!