Job advertisements for auxiliary nurse, nursing auxiliary in Luxembourg

Check the offers for the job of auxiliary nurse – one professional of the Health/ Medical Care/ Social services sector – in Luxembourg on this page.

As an auxiliary nurse, you have several roles in Luxembourg. Your job – which is attached to the Health/ Medical Care/ Social services business sector – is a mix between nanny, home help, and personal assistant. Recruiters are looking for an auxiliary nurse – or sometimes called nursing auxiliary depending on the companies. As an auxiliary nurse, you will help nurses by carrying out daily hygiene and comfort care – such as washing, cooking meals, cleaning, and so on. The auxiliary nurse may or may not be authorized to dispense medication under the nurse's supervision depending on the work environment. As an auxiliary nurse you will also ensure the physical comfort and moral well-being – thanks to activities, for instance – of the different patients. You will indeed help the patient with daily tasks – sitting, eating, dressing, and so on – and also help him/her to be autonomous at a certain level. The auxiliary nurse is in contact with the patient family and informs them about the health condition, physical and moral state of the patient.

As an auxiliary nurse, you can find a job and carry out your work in a hospital, retirement home, clinic, care center, and nursing home, for instance. There are several health facilities in Luxembourg, so you will have the opportunity to work for different companies – such as Stëftung Hëllef Doheem, Servior, Compass Group Luxembourg, the CHL (the Luxembourg Medical Center), Päiperléck, Syrdall Heem asbl, Verbandskëscht, and so on.

You will sometimes need to follow a specific training course provided by the IFAS (training institute for auxiliary nurse) which allows you to get the diploma of State-certified auxiliary nurse – also called DEAS in French – in order to work as an auxiliary nurse in Luxembourg. The job of auxiliary nurse is one of the regulated jobs in Luxembourg. You will have to assert your diplomas to be authorized to work. There are job offers are often available on a part-time basis in the services sector – whether they are for companies or individuals. You also need to be aware that, as an auxiliary nurse, you will sometimes have to work at night, on weekends and on public holidays.

There are several professional and recruitment opportunities on a regular basis in Luxembourg. We recommend you to carefully prepare your application – CV and cover letter – to submit to job offers. Recruiters and employers are waiting for you to talk about your motivations.

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