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Published on 10/01/2022, by Florane Giolat

Fostering and supporting a globally diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce is a fundamental strength of Northern Trust that helps it succeed as a business enterprise and community advocate. So that the firm can truly operate as a global firm and stay competitive, it values people of all backgrounds, cultures and perspectives and work to ensure this difference is leveraged within the organisation.

Employees are encouraged to actively contribute to creating a truly inclusive culture within Luxembourg by participating in the diversity, equity and inclusion programme, for example via the Women in Leadership Business Resource Council. This employee led affinity group engages both men and women in a dialogue around the challenges and opportunities which exist for women face in fulfilling their career and leadership potential. Their activity aims to empower women of all levels to take control of their own careers through providing opportunities to expand their internal network and influence within the organisation.

In addition, Northern Trust works collaboratively with external organisations, such as Fonds Frauen, to support its overall approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. This partnership provides employees access to external opportunities including a mentoring and buddy programme for junior and mid-level employees, in addition to thought leadership and a varied programme of events and initiatives, all of which are aimed to support the industry in creating gender parity.

Employees are encouraged to educate themselves and engage in meaningful dialogue to support their understanding of challenges facing underrepresented groups, whilst also contributing to a more sustainable society. To this end, Beehives have been installed on the roof of Northern Trust’s office in Luxembourg. Wooden hives have been locally produced and painted in Northern Trust’s classic colours, and the resident bees will be sourced locally, not imported. It is hoped that this will raise employee awareness on the value of bees , whilst also providing a product (the honey!) for employees to enjoy.

In addition, earlier this year, to visibly demonstrate the firm’s commitment to LGBT inclusion, the Northern Trust’s Luxembourg office was illuminated in rainbow lights during the month of Pride. Similarly, in December, the office was illuminated in Orange to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2021.

As part of its ambition to develop diverse talent across leadership roles in EMEA, Northern Trust’s Diverse Leaders Programme coaches diverse employees on leadership essentials through a virtual programme which takes place across three months. This bespoke programme has been run since 2014 and has been designed to help support participants realise their own authentic leadership style and build the necessary skills and confidence to successfully navigate our organisation. The programme also provides participants with access to a professional coach, a mentor and ongoing networking opportunities.

The organisation’s global Inclusive Management programme includes mandatory unconscious bias training for managers as well as an e-learning programme for all staff members to advance its inclusive culture. Mental Health training is offered to managers, helping them to support their team members effectively and the organisation continues to take positive steps to raise awareness and provide education to encourage positive health and wellbeing and more efficient and balanced ways of working.

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