Job advertisements for roofer in Luxembourg

Building worker specialised in roofing? Consult the list of our job offers as a roofer in Luxembourg.

Jobs in the construction sector are booming since the financial crisis in 2009. Located at the heart of the Great Region, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg has benefitted from a local and an increasing cross-boarding workforce in the building industry. Projects are numerous, but employers are struggling to find qualified employees. Recruitment campaigns are led by employment companies. These temp agencies are often specialised and considered as excellent resources for jobseekers.

Your job as a roof mechanic consists in installing roofs for houses and/or buildings. You intervene once the frame is done. You can either work for new projects or repair damaged roofs. According to the plans, you are compelled to use different materials: slate or clay tiles...
In addition to this, you also take care of the finishing works, and install the water drainage infrastructure (gutter) and make sure to waterproof the roof.

During you search on Moovijob, you will identify rapidly companies you need to follow, and where you must send your applications. You may find many job positions offered by staffing agencies, since they have privileged relationships with employers.
Regarding schools and education, you must have at least a General or Technical certificate. However, please note that having a Tech level or a two-year technical degree, and/or a demonstrated experience are considered an asset in your application file. This may also help you promote quickly to management positions as a team manager or construction site supervisor.

As a roof specialist will be able to work in various environments. You can be hired in a building company for a permanent job or take part in many projects as part of a fixed-term contract. In general, you are required to have in-depth knowledge of safety rules on construction site, and be able to manage other works related to masonry, plumbing...