Job advertisements for plumber in Luxembourg

You are a plumber and looking for a new job. Find all job offers available in Luxembourg on this page.

The construction sector in Luxembourg is very dynamic and companies are providing many open vacancies. Among the needs, plumber is very wanted. The main employers are operating in the second work industry, it includes firms in energy.

The job consists in installing and performing maintenance routine, on sanitary and heating equipment.
When browsing the job ads on the website you will notice job descriptions may vary. Indeed, you can either work as a fitter, and or maintenance technician, or as a generalist. Regardless the nature of the job, certain skills and competences are essentials. You must be able to carry out connection work (brazing, crimping, bending, etc.), waterproof your installations and be familiar with safety standards and instructions related to the environment in which you will be working (gas, fuel oil, electricity). As building sites are very different, you may be asked to be versatile and have a broad knowledge.

To work as a heating engineer, employers are looking for trained and qualified candidates, since the industry is very regulated. If you do not have all the necessary qualifications, you may want to submit your application for a role as a heating assistant. Many training courses lead to this profession. Companies are looking as much for fitters (technical certificate level), as for technicians (HND or Bachelor level). To ensure their recruitment, companies rely heavily on work-study contracts and apprenticeships.