Job advertisements for operations analyst in Luxembourg

Are you an Operations analyst looking for a new job in Luxembourg? Right time right place! Check several job offers available on this page.

There are several designations for the position of Operations analyst – namely Production analyst, Analyst or System admin, or even Network analyst. Operations technicians are a part of the professionals of the IT Infrastructure / System / Network family in Luxembourg. There are many recruitment projects. This job includes indeed a wide range of assignments, which allows you to continue in several other specializations.

Employers are mainly hiring professionals with at least an HND or equivalent. These trainings create generalist and quickly operational technicians capable of managing a computer equipment. An IT Engineer will be required to operate MVS systems in some cases – namely in banks.
Working as an Operations analyst in Luxembourg consists in ensuring the smooth running of the Information Systems of a specific company or community. You can work as a technician or engineer by providing monitoring and technical support for operations. You can sometimes concentrate on defining standards, tests, and incidents analysis. As an Operations analyst, you will install and configure workplaces – including both the peripheral hardware environment and software. You will sometimes be in charge of setting up the operating system. The Operations technician is here to ensure the effective management of operations. In other words, the Operations technician ensure the availability and performance of the different applications and software installed. To do so, you will perform a wide range of tests before integrating it. You will sometimes also manage technical incidents and perform updates.

There are many applications and job offers in this field. But if you really want to make a real difference, a strong knowledge and diploma specialized in these fields – systems and networks, servers, scripting, computer security, for instance – can help you to get a job!
Moreover if you master the informatics languages used in a company in particular – according to the job descriptions – recruiters will not hesitate to contact you quickly!