Job advertisements in Differdange

Is there a job tailored for you in Differdange? A company that could match your professional needs? A recruiter who will seduce you? Check it here!

Differdange – located on the borders of France and Belgium – is the third city of Luxembourg and has both a rich industrial past – namely with the steel industry – and is currently experiencing a strong economic development.

The town is geographically located between the Luxembourg municipalities of Sanem and Pétange. It is composed of different sections – such as Fond-de-Gras, Lasauvage, Niederkorn and Oberkorn. It is in Oberkorn that you will find a great shopping center with different shops, restaurants and an Auchan supermarket – which attracts the people living near the frontier. Recruiters are hiring on a regular basis mainly in the Sales and the Catering business sectors. But you can also find several opportunities to work in warehouses or companies specialized in the Retail sector with jobs in Transportation & Logistics.

You will have several different professional opportunities if you are looking for a job to work in Differdange. There are many job offers in the Industry sector with two of the greatest employers present in Differdange. ArcelorMittal, with a great production site of steel beams – that were used in the new One World Trade Center building in New York, for instance. You will also find the Keter company – which is the world's leading manufacturer of plastic products. If you are looking for a position in the Industry business sector and particularly in Mechanical & Electrical trades, you can definitely try to send your application to this company.
The 1535° Creative Hub is one proof of the Differdange economic dynamism. This is a merging of start-ups on a former industrial site, working on creation – whether in IT, design or both. You can also find there the offices of the L'essentiel team and Edita Group's. There are not many job offers there but that does not stop you from staying tuned.

There is an international school – primary and secondary education – in Differdange so if you are a teacher you will have several professional opportunities.