Job advertisements for production worker in Luxembourg

Discover the job offers available for a job of production worker, forklift operator or order picker in Luxembourg in the manufacturing category.

The job of production worker is highly represented in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. There are indeed many job offers available posted by recruiters as well as different types of contracts – fixed-term or temporary – depending on the needs of the company.

This job will allow you to work in the companies’ stockroom. You can be recruited in different sectors: manufacturing, transport, retail, etc. You are the principal element accomplish the different tasks necessary for the smooth running of a company's stockroom and for an efficient storage of goods – from receiving the goods directly in the suppliers' trucks to storing them in the stockroom. Depending on the needs of your potential future employer, you will be responsible for moving, stacking and storing the various stocks.

As a forklift operator, you will be requested by your employer to drive motorized vehicles such as forklifts, aerial lifts or cranes, for instance. As a driver of a motorized vehicle, you will need to have a certificate of competence for safe driving (CACES), particularly for the use of a crane. Several qualities and skills are necessary to occupy this position such as a good physical condition (heavy lifting), knowledge of safety rules and instructions, caution and some notions in the logistics field.

In this manner, you can apply for several job advertisements available on our Moovijob website. Furthermore, we advise you to use some keywords when you are doing a job search in Luxembourg, in order to only show the results the most adapted to your needs. Then, we advise you to read each job offer very carefully and do not hesitate to adapt your application – cover letter and resume – to the expectations of the recruiter of the company you are applying to.
And also, put forward your knowledge necessary for this job – during the recruitment process – as well as your skills and other diplomas specific to this business sector.