Job advertisements for caterer in Luxembourg

The trade of caterer is one of the numerous job positions offered in the restaurant sector. Consult job ads to be filled in Luxembourg now!

The catering trade is at the crossroad between the food and hotel and restaurant sectors. A caterer is either specialising in every day cooking or specialising in worldwide cuisines. Indeed, the chef produces cooked dishes or hot or cold semi-cooked products to take away or for home delivering. In addition, he/she may be called upon to organize banquets and buffets for events (weddings, congresses, birthdays, etc.), for private or professional clients. The cook demonstrates a great deal of creativity, organization, and preparation, as he/she is required to create tailored menus.

A caterer can oversee a team of several professionals. Moreover, he/she may be supported by a butcher, baker, cheese maker or pastry chef to help on a daily basis in the preparation of the various creations. You may work in a supermarket, or in the food industry, or in a hotel, or in a small or large company, in public or private sector. In Luxembourg, you may land a job and carry out your work in companies such as Lunchtime, Auchan, Delhaize, Steffen traiteur, Kaempff-Kohler Traiteur, FEEDLUX (Victorine), etc. If you want to become a caterer, you must hold at least a general or technical certificate in Culinary Arts, Kitchen, Catering. To deepen your knowledge and techniques, you may continue your studies with a Tech Level certificate or even a two-year technical degree (or French BP, Bac Pro, BTS). After several years of experience, it is possible to progress into a management position or create or take over a company.
The catering business is booming, and the recruitment market is very dynamic, especially for young graduates. Indeed, many professionals wish to broaden their offer in addition to their activity of butchery, delicatessen, pastry, etc.

It is now time to put the finishing touches to your application to stand out from the crowd. Recruiters and employers are eager to read your resume like a menu. Do not forget to create a job alert, to be among the first to apply to new job offers.