Job advertisements in Mondercange

Discover on this page the job offers available in Mondercange, one of the oldest localities in Luxembourg, located only 5 km from the French border.

Mondercange is a municipality composed of four different localities: Bergem, Foetz, Mondercange and Pontpierre. It is located near the town of Esch-sur-Alzette.
Mondercange has not experienced the same demographic and economic growth as the others neighbouring municipalities. Mondercange counted indeed 1216 inhabitants in 1871, reached 6,000 citizens in 1999 and exceeds only 7,000 residents in 2020. Foetz is the most attractive and you may find higher job offers there – among the four different localities – at the economic level.

Some companies in the Building Industry / Public Work / Construction, the Transportation & Logistics or Arts & Crafts business sectors are located in Mondercange. T.S. Lux SA, JMC Constructions Sàrl or even Tremalux SA, for instance. The choice is wider in Foetz – where you can find companies of some business sectors like Retail, Chemical Industry, Automotive Industry, Construction, for instance. You can find Climalux S.A., Cora, Chemolux Sàrl, Aldi, and Marques Confort among the companies that are recruiting.
To increase your chances of finding a job in the geographical area of Mondercange you can alternatively search in the neighboring town called Schifflange – which is a very interesting country especially if you are looking for a job in the concrete field. You will find there several employers such as Cimalux or EQIOM Bétons, for instance.

It is now the time to prepare your applications and submit them to the several job offers. The recruiters of the different companies have vacancies and are currently looking for new candidates.