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40 Parc d'Activites Capellen L-8308 Capellen

40 Parc d'Activites Capellen L-8308 Capellen



1 - 10 employees


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Open Assessment Technologies (OAT) is the publisher of TAO, the world's leading open source assessment platform for education and public sector employment. TAO enables the creation and delivery of effective and engaging computer-based tests online. TAO supports a wide range of question types from simple multiple-choice items to complex problem solving; it can be easily deployed on any scale – whether within a classroom or across multiple continents. TAO represents a drastic departure from the proprietary systems that are still the norm today. Its open and versatile architecture means it can be extended and adapted to virtually any assessment needs. A web-based application, TAO is available via any standard browser, allowing test sponsors to deliver tests across locations and organizations.

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