How to write an efficient cover letter without professional experience?


Published on 23/03/2020, by Andréa Ramos


The cover letter, that much-vaunted step we all must take when we’re looking for an internship or a job. If you don’t have enough professional to fill your cover letter, don’t panic! There are other ways to praise your qualities and skills. Indeed, lack of experience doesn’t mean lack of skills, quite the contrary! 😀
Even if, as a recent graduated you might be looking for a first job or as a student you might be looking for an internship, there’s other experience — non-professional — you can highlight to convince a recruiter. Here’s some advice to write an efficient cover letter without much professional experience.

Pay attention to your speech
First of all, there’s a golden rule: don’t lie — this goes for a cover letter or a CV. This may sound easy to say and understand, but this could be very tempting when you’re facing a blank page. It’s crucial to understand that there’s plenty to say about yourself, even if you believe you’ve nothing to write about.
The lack of professional experience isn’t tragic. Instead of pretending to have one — or not mentioning it — you should rather write sentences like “My lack of professional experience doesn’t diminish my consciousness or skills in the field of…”. It’ll show to your recruiter that this isn’t a problem and you still have all assets needed to carry out this internship or job you’re applying for.
Then, pay attention to your speech and adjust it to the needs of the position in question. Highlight the qualities required and don’t hesitate to explain why you think you could be an important piece of the company’s team.

Enhance your educational background
Your educational background defines your first qualities and assets. Don’t hesitate to insist on each schoolwork that may be relevant to the internship or job. For example, if you’re applying for a Journalism Internship, you can emphasize your participation in the high school paper.
Above all, bring out the skills acquired during your academic background, each degree is important, and some can even provide some excellent arguments for the position you want.

Enhance your personal background
Finally, your personal background is crucial regarding your qualities and skills. Your passions, hobbies or even travels are more important than you may think. Indeed, if you have traveled several times, it will highlight your proficiency in one or more foreign languages, your ease of adaptation to a new environment or even prove that you’re a people person. It’s important for companies to know that a new employee or an intern is going to adapt to a team quickly.
Also, don’t hesitate to mention your hobbies. For example, if you’re practicing a sport it could show your team spirit and the ability to work with several people. Whatever your passion is, there are always qualities that you can learn from it and might match with skills the recruiter is looking for. Each personal experience strengthens your personality, guides your journey and gives you some significant advantages for a future job or internship.

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