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Here are job offers to be a barman or waiter in the Hotels / Restaurants / Catering professions business sector in Luxembourg. Check them now!

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We have gathered for you several different professional and recruitment opportunities for the job of barman or barmaid in Luxembourg. Several recruiters are looking for professionals to work as barman or barmaid – this job is widely represented in the Hotels / Restaurants / Catering professions business sector – on a regular basis. The employers want to complete their teams in order to meet the increasingly stringent customer requests.
If you are looking for a job as a barman or barmaid, you will definitely find several professional opportunities adapted to your needs on this page. There are many different job offers available in different types of work environments.

Your job may be similar to the one of a barman or barmaid in some aspects – such as taking and attending to a customer's order or cleaning the counter, for instance. The main part of your job will be to prepare cocktails or serve drinks to your customers, so you will be in charge of this assignment.
If you want to work as a barman or barmaid, your main work environment will be the bar of the company you are working for. Whether it is a café, restaurant, bar or hotel, your assignments will be more or less similar. However, you will have to adapt to the clientele and the brand image of the company who will recruit you – namely a classy hotel, family restaurant, rock bar, and so on. You will have to respect a dress code very often.

As a barman or barmaid, you will need to have some skills and fundamental qualities for this job – namely good mood, stress resistance, or flexibility regarding working hours and days just to give a few examples. We recommend you highlight these aspects of your personality when you meet the recruiter during the interview.
Are you ready to work as a barman or barmaid in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? Discover without any further delay the different professional and recruitment possibilities available for this job. You can submit your application – CV and cover letter – directly through our Moovijob’s website!