Job advertisements in Ettelbruck

Discover on this page several job advertisements to work in the city of Ettelbruck, located near Diekirch, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!

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This page contains several different job and recruitment advertisements to work in the municipality of Ettelbruck – located in the canton of Diekirch in the north of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Ettelbruck has about 9,000 inhabitants.

If you are looking for a position in the Healthcare business sector, you can submit your application to join the CHdN hospital – the Centre Hospitalier du Nord, which is an hospital center – as well as the CHNP – the Centre Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique, which is an hospital center specialized in neuropsychiatry. There are several jobs available in this field – such as general practitioner, psychiatrist, specialized doctor, dentist or even ophthalmologist.
There are also several jobs in the Building Construction business sector – with many companies specialized in this business sector particularly located in Warken, which is a part of the municipality of Ettelbruck. Other employers in some specific business sectors – such as the Consulting / Real Estate, Administration and Beauty / Wellness business sectors – are sometimes looking for a new employee to join their teams, and can therefore offer you a job in these professional areas.

If you get a job in Ettelbruck, you should know that there is a train station that will allow you to easily access both your home and your workplace or to travel to nearby cities – such as Diekirch, Mersch, Colmar-Berg, for instance – for professional reasons.

Discover in this page several job opportunities posted by different recruiters in order to offer you a job in their company. We advise you to read each offer very carefully and thus adapt your application – CV and cover letter – to the company's requirements.