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Since 2012 & the first editions of the Plug&Work events in Luxembourg, recruitment parties on pre-selection have found their audience. They echo back to increasing recruitment needs in specialized sectors such as ITFinance or Legal while offering a casual atmosphere.

The future Plug&Work Luxembourg in Paris job party will give prominence to the IT, Finance and Legal areas with major Luxembourgish companies such as  BCE, RTL Group, PwC Luxembourg, Ogier, Intrasoft International, NeoFacto and LuxairGroup ... in an exceptional place: the Pavillon Gabriel in Paris.


ICT, Finance and Legal professionals are invited to a prestigious place with a cocktail dinner and a bit of music. They will have the chance to talk about open positions and projects with interested recruiters. Colored badges will make discussions easier and motivation, as well as networking, will do the rest!

  • Pre-selection of talents increases chances of finding a job
  • An excellent occasion to talk about projects and technical environments with tech-savvy girls and guys.
  • Go beyond the lines of your resume.
  • Meet the right people at the right time.
  • A chilled-out atmosphere, making interactions easier!
People who feel ready to take up their next challenge in Luxembourg can already get information and pre-register on: plugnwork.lu.

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General information - Registration - How to join - On site - Getting ready for the event - Approaching recruiters
General information:
How to join:
On site:
Getting ready for the event:
Approaching recruiters:

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General information:
  • 1. The job party Plug&Work Luxembourg in Paris will take place on Tuesday, May 21st 2019 at the Pavillon Gabriel in Paris (France), from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. You can join the party at: 5, avenue Gabriel, Paris 8th starting from 5:45 PM before the doors opening. (Back to the menu)
  • 2. More than 30 companies represented by many recruiters and experts in IT, Finance and Legal will be there. To retrieve the full list of these luxembourgish companies, and their vacant job offers, you can check the official website here. (Back to the menu)
  • 3. You can get more information across our Moovijob Sourcing team thanks to this link, we will get back to you shortly. (Back to the menu)
  • 4.While registering on the website plugnwork.lu, you will have access to the latest information sent to you by email before the event. You will also get an invitation confirmation by email, within 3 days after your registration if your profile is selected. The Moovijob team strictly checks the invitation list, as the main goal of this event is to make a matching between profiles and job offers. The other interest of your registration is that your name and your resume will appear on the recruiters' tablets during the event. If they select you or if they note some comments on your profile on their tablets, you can be sure to be contacted back after the party for a job interview. Indeed, Moovijob will transmit the notes and resume of candidates the day after the event to facilitate exchanges between you and recruiters. Interesting if you did not have the time to meet all the recruiters during the job party. If you can't join the party, just let us know. Your CV will appear on the CV-bank that we send to recruiters and we will let another candidate join the event. (Back to the menu)
  • 5.To register for Plug&Work Luxembourg in Paris, you just need to go on plugnwork.lu. If you already have an account on moovijob.com, you can click on the button "I already have an account on moovijob.com". If you don't have an account yet, we invite you to fill in the form. This will help recruiters to find you in the CV-bank of this event, thanks to the form you completed during your registration. Your information is strictly confidential, it won't be transmitted to partners. (Back to the menu)
  • 6. Following your registration at Plug&Work Luxembourg in Paris, respecting point 5, (just above), ensure that your registration has been considered. An alert pop-up should appear on your screen. Within 3 days, our Sourcing team will contact you to confirm, or not, the matching between your profile and job offers. We advise that you regularly check your email and your spams. If you are not accepted for the job party, no regrets! It means that they are no job offers fitting with your profile, adapted to your skills or your level of professional experience. Another possible reason: the number of candidates being limited for security reasons, we cannot accept more candidates than authorized. In this case, your resume will stay in our CV-bank and will be transmitted to recruiters anyway the day after the event. (Back to the menu)
  • 7. If you have registered but you did not get a confirmation, no panic! You can send us an email through this link plugnwork.lu. To facilitate your demand, please precise: your name and your email address used to register for the job party. We will answer shortly to your SOS! (Back to the menu)
How to join:
  • 8. The job party Plug&Work lasts 4 hours. We advise you to come as soon as possible when recruiters are still available and "fresh" which means between 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM. Around 8:30 PM the flow gets heavy. It would be a pity that you could not speak to all the recruiters during this event, so come early! (Back to the menu)
  • 9. Warning: the job party Plug&Work Luxembourg in Paris takes place in the Pavillon Gabriel in Paris, not in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris, neither in Luxembourg City. Discover here how to come: Google MapsPavillon Gabriel - 5, avenue Gabriel - 75008 Paris.
    The closest international airport in Paris is the Paris-Orly airport, located at 1 hour away from the Pavillon Gabriel by public transport; The Gare du Nord train station is located at 20 minutes away by public transport. If you come by car, you can park directly at the parking Place de la Concorde. You can also take the subway and stop at "Concorde / Champs Elysées Clemenceau".
    If you come from a long way, several hotels are located nearby the Pavillon Gabriel, here is a full list. If you prefer opting for a more economical solution, here is a list of youth hostels in Paris. One night costs from 31,90 € per person. You can check availabilities here. (Back to the menu)1
How to join:
  • 10. There will be a coat check on-site. You will have the occasion to get rid of your bag and coat to lay back. During the job party, a big screen will broadcast job offers and names of recruiters to help you remember who you should discuss with. (Back to the menu)
  • 11. A delicious buffet will be offered to enjoy the art of networking  with bubbles and petits fours. This buffet is free. (Back to the menu)
  • 12. At the entrance, members of the Moovijob team will give you a colored badge corresponding to a professional skill. Recruiters will be also equipped with a colored necklace with a badge and their logo. This will help you to find them during the party. (Back to the menu)
  • 13. No need to bring a CV! Your resume is already uploaded on the tablet that recruiters will have during the party. They will even take notes about you and the day after the event, they will retrieve your resume and contact details. For information, they can select your name to get your CV the day after the party. You will then have chances to be contacted back for a job interview. Jackpot! You can also ask for the business cards of recruiters during the job party if you want to be the first to contact them. (Back to the menu)
Getting ready for the event:
  • 14.  For those who would ask why participating in such a recruiting party organized in Paris for Luxembourgish companies, here are our arguments: such an event allows job seekers to meet several recruiters known or unknown in one evening, plus, it enables you to discover the benefits of Luxembourg in a very short amount of time. The main goal is to get information, discover people and companies. You can make the difference and go beyond the lines of your resume.  You can also train yourself for your next job interviews. You will have close to ten quick interviews where you will have the chance to test your elevator pitch. Find out more about the profiles wanted, the recruiting process, the vacant positions, etc. Following the job party, you will be more relaxed for the next job interview that you will have with the same nice recruiters and experts that you already met at Plug&Work. :) (Back to the menu)
  • 15. To get prepared for the next job party Plug&Work, read the companies presentations and job offers on plugnwork.lu and select the recruiters you would like to meet at the job party. The idea is to show them that you are motivated. (Back to the menu)
  • 16. To optimize your time, target the companies you are mainly interested in. During the job party, if a recruiter is already busy with other candidates, insert yourself into the circle to listen to what is said. Otherwise, go to meet another company. You will have the time to come back later. (Back to the menu)
Approaching recruiters:
  • 17. During the event, you will have the opportunity to meet recruiters, directors of services, HR but also future colleagues. A unique occasion to speak about you, your experiences and expectations. The idea is also to balance the conversation with questions for companies to raise their attention. Show that you have looked over their job offers and their company on plugnwork.lu before coming, to show your motivation. (Back to the menu)
  • 18. If you don't find a recruiter at the beginning or at the very end of the job party, it means that he/she is maybe not arrived yet/gone. During the middle of the party, you can ask for a recruiter at the entrance. We will make a microphone call. The recruiter called will raise his/her hand to help you to locate him/her. (Back to the menu)
Not registered yet? If you are experienced in IT/ICT, Legal or Finance, you can register until May, the 16th at 4:00 PM here!

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